About Me


"photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. what you have caught on film is captured forever...it remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything"

-Aaron siskind

I have had a true love of photography as long as I can remember. Way back in high school I got my first point and shoot and instantly I fell in love.  I began to take pictures of any and every moment that I could capture.  My parents spent a good fortune getting all those pictures developed and on albums because every event had to have it's own album.  I can admit now, that I regret some of the "over clicking" and have gotten rid of a good many of those albums, haha.  

During my Junior year of college at Penn State, I studied abroad in Spain and met the love of my life who I ended up marrying several years later!  Through all our adventures around the world, I tried to act cool and didn't take nearly enough photos, and it's been my one of my biggest regrets.

Once we were married and began our family, my passion for photography came back stronger than ever and eventually became a career when my two girls were born. I was contacted by many people asking me to create the emotions and moments that I had printed of my own children, for their families as well.  

I love to tell a story in my images and make a somewhat ordinary moment into a memory that will last a lifetime.  I aim to create a vivid emotion that can take my clients back to that feeling and moment in time.

There are no strangers in my photography, rather extensions of family.  I am particularly fond of any furry children you may have and I welcome them into any and all shoots!  We have had our share of fur family and I make sure they make it into any and all milestone family photos!

 It is important to me that I capture the natural essence of each family.  My motto for my girls is, "be your own person" and I like to create that with each of my clients. I want each session to relate to the uniqueness of  YOUR family unit. 


Please contact me to schedule a session that I hope you can cherish with your family for years to come!