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About Me

"photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. what you have caught on film is captured remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything"

-Aaron siskind


I'd love to be your person...the one that you hire to tell your love story and photograph your big day and after that, the one to walk alongside you on your unique journey.  My biggest goal is to be the one you choose to capture all the milestone moments that this beautiful life has in store for you!

I want to hear all about you life story as we begin our professional relationship, so it's only fair that I give you a capsule of mine:  

I am first generation American and so proud of the leap of faith my parents took to get to this country.  We were sponsored here from Poland when my mother was 8 months pregnant with me, so I just barely made the cut! My parents came here with barely anything in material goods, and 20 pictures combined capturing their childhood.  As soon as they could afford it, my father bought a nice camera (Minolta X-700) and made it a mission to fill up numerous albums with memories of my childhood.

Growing up, I remember looking through albums with my family

and feeling sad that the very first album on our shelf had so many gaps of

time that had now been forgotten through the years.  I believe that is

what initially sparked my passion for the art of photography and having

those still images to hold onto.  Being Polish-American and having

Spanish be my first language (that's another story to tell when you choose

me as your photographer *wink wink) I have grown up with a fascination

of how beautifully different we all are from one another.  One of my

favorite things to do, now with my daughters, is to sit at a cafe or on a

boardwalk and wonder about everyones "story" and how they got to

where they are in this moment.

I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from

Penn State University (WE ARE!) because I thought that was the

perfect career to sum up my love for diversity, travel and FOOD,

but I always took every opportunity to immerse myself in a class or club for photography and continued to grow my passion.  I truly believe that everyone is destined for the life that they are meant to have and that everything happens for a reason.  My journey with photography was a passion that stayed with me throughout my life waiting for just the right moment.


During my junior year of college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and declared to my parents that I was going to meet my husband there.  Well, I put it out into the universe, and the universe listened!  I met my "one" even though he was a boy from the next city over in PA, but just happened to be in the same abroad program from PSU.  Our love story is something so unique and special but I clearly didn't learn my lesson at that time because I only have a handful of pictures to remember it!  

We got married soon after we graduated college, and after almost a decade of my fast paced whirlwind of a career in Hospitality, we moved to Maryland.  It was in that moment for me when I was ready to take that leap of faith that was a long time coming and  turn my passion of photography into a business...and well the rest is history!  


I have 2 beautifully stubborn daughters and a boston terrier pup that we are mildly obsessed with! I am a proud LEO wife and we live in a beautiful lake community outside of Frederick,MD.  I have the most supportive group of friends and a family that I truly don't deserve.  My three must haves are travel, wine and coffee (probably in that order) and I take my role as the one to capture your special moments so seriously that I make it my goal for my clients to love their pictures so much that they shout it from the rooftops!  (So if you are a past client of mine, go ahead and make my day and shout it out anywhere you'd like, facebook, Instagram, can even text me your love! haha



So now that you've stopped by and gotten to know me, I hope that we can both share more of our journeys together through the years to come!  Complete and submit my contact form on the CONTACT page and lets start to fill those walls up in your home with all the still memories that leave no gaps in capturing life's most precious moments.  Call it a legacy if you will, to my parents and all the gaps of moments they are left without.

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