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The best things

in life are

the people we Love, 

the places

we've been, 

and the memories


made along the way.

Extended Family Gallery

When you contact me about your extended family photoshoot, we start off by talking about just how many family units are going to be a part of it.  My pricing and time depends on how many individual family units are a part of your extended family so that I can make sure I can get photos of all the groupings that you would like.  I want to be able to make time for each grouping and have enough time for the posed portraits as well as the natural "fun" ones.   I want you and your family to feel comfortable and true to your characters when arriving for the photoshoot.  The day of the shoot should not be spent figuring out what pictures you definitely want, we go over all that in our initial phone consult and I organize the shoot so that it flows naturally and we get all the pictures on my list.  If you are someone that would like suggestions on what to wear and how to dress the family, I would be more than happy to give you some suggestions, I also have some Pinterest favorites under my FAQs section for you to reference. 

Contact me so that I can price your extended family shoot for you today! 

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