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Milestone Gallery

As a parent, one of my greatest joys is capturing the many milestones of life that my children go through.  As a lifestyle photographer, these are one of my favorite moments to capture, because during these momentous milestones, we let ourselves and our children be uniquely themselves.  Whether it's a birthday celebration and we capture them diving into their cake all on their own or riding a two wheeler for the first time, every moment can be special in their own way.  During these "mini" shoots, I try to focus on the main subject (usually child, but can be family pet, grandparent, the worlds the limit).  I try to capture the essence of the moment at hand and any emotions that come with it and allow for a few photos with any other family members there that make up your family unit.  I've done a number of unique, fun, and at moments, hard milestone shoots and am open to whatever you have in mind! 

This is also where you can hire me for those sadder moments when your elderly pet is crossing over the rainbow and you would like me to capture a special day with the family for your keepsakes.  

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